Advantages and disadvantages of two ways of parking

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Advantages and disadvantages of two ways of parking perpendiculary to a curb

Today we will present you differences between parking with a front or back part of a car toward a curb.

Parking with a back part toward a curb

An advantage of this parking is that it is very easy to leave from a parking place: you just get in, start an engine, look around and go. From a car parked this way there is a good view to both sides.

However a small disadvantage is a bit difficult parking – fitting into a parking place (car parks at shopping centers provide small space for maneuver).  

Parking with a front part toward a curb

Main advantage of this way of parking is an easy driving into a parking place and also loading and unloading.
Disadvantage is a bad view from your car when leaving (cars parked next to you obstruct your view).



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