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How to drive with automatic gear

Driving a car is a “multitasking” activity. To do several things at one time is not a problem for us, women, right? To watch traffic, follow the route, watch other cars, steer and concentrate on shifting gear. All that are things that any beginner driver has to cope with, all that at once – at one moment. Therefore for many potential drivers, both men and women, such beginnings may be stressful. For those who are afraid of driving with a manual gear, there is an automatic gear.


Most automatic gear boxes have 4 positions:

P – parking

R – reverse

N – neutral

D – drive

Advantages of automatic gear box

Thanks to automatic gear box you can fully concentrate on traffic. Stressing situations like stalling of engine at an intersection or upon sharp breaking, sliding when moving off up a hill do not occur. Also driving in congested traffic is much easier.

Sometimes it is necessary to quickly overtake another car or accelerate quickly. Those situations are also much easier with an automatic gear box. If you step hard on accelerator the car will downshift and accelerate. This is similar to the manual gear box.

Myths about automatic gear box

An undying myth about the automatic gear box is stating that a consumption of fuel with automatic gear box is higher than with manual one.

Just the opposite! Cars with automatic gear boxes consume less fuel than with manual gear boxes and they spare the engine.

Together with autoškola King we believe that driving with automatic gear will be a piece of cake for you. Nowadays it is possible to get a driving license just for driving cars with the automatic gear.

Have a safe journey!





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