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We organize a "Energy Management" Motogymkhana course for our students under the guidance of professional Clément Duval from France. We are always trying to be better. Watch the video and photos here

A License

Lessons and training take place in accordance with law 247/2000 Sb. §18 

"AM" - For motorcycles up to 50 ccm and drivers over than 15 years old.
"A1" - For motorcycles up to 125 ccm (11kW) and drivers over than 16 years old.
"A2" - For motorcycles from 25 kW to 35 kWand drivers over than 18 years old.
"A" - For motorcycles more than 35kW and drivers over than 24 years old. 


Lesson for type A license 
Vehicle manipulation 4h
Vehicle maintenance 1h
Theory and road safety 2h
Medical training basic theory 1h
Reviewing the above 1h


Pursuant to Act No. 247/2000 Sb.(effective since 20.2.2016), we have set the price of motorcycle riding lessons for the  minimum number of 20 riding lessonsThis number was set by us and is based on our many years of experience as optimal to teach applicants to control a motorbike and master the riding tasks required by law. The price includes presence of the lecturer in an accompanying car during the last parts of training and final exams when the applicants rides a motorbike on their own. 


Training plan in brief:
1) Mastery of the riding tasks on the training ground – a part of the first half of the final exam
Check out our intrusion videos below
2) Training of the applicant in traffic – the applicant rides the motorbike on their own + a teacher in an accompanying vehicle - a part of the second half of the final exam 

Important information for Driving license A:

Videos showing techniques required for passing the driving licence:



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