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INFOLINE: +420 777 180 708
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Requirements for admittance 

  • Register.
  • Download the „application form“ and „expert medical opinion form“ from below.
  • Print out the „application form“ on a double-sided paper and carefully fill in.
  • Print out the „expert medical opinion form “ and have it completed by your general practitioner.
  • We accept Czech permanent or temporary resident,  lease agreement, confirmation of study minimum 6 months

  • The minimum deposit upon registration is 8,000 CZK. Can be paid in cash, card, transfer, we accept Benefity points too, Flexipasses etc.)

We will get back to you as soon as you register and gladly assist you regarding your application for our driving school and as soon as you will have all of the above documents sorted out, please call us and we will arrange for the rest. We can then begin planning out the training and driving. 

Can be paid in cash, card, transfer, we accept Benefity points too, Flexipasses etc.) - For more information, see the Driving School Price List

Online registration

On-line přihlašování žáků do autoškoly zajišťuje aplikace Moje Autoškola - elektronická evidence výuky a výcviku pro autoškoly.

If you still feel like you need help or suggestions, please do not hesitate and call us, we will gladly help you. Feel free to contact us on the following number: (+420) 777 180 708 - NON-STOP 

* Should you need any assistance with filling in the above, please inform us and we will help you complete them.



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