Standard vehicle - group B - manual or automatic

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All in agreement with your lecturer: first we check your skills in our training car, which is equipped with a second steering equipment then together we will determine how many times we should drive in it, and then we will continue with the lessons in your car. We will always come to your place and from then on all the drives will be in your own car.

B License

Lessons and training take place in accordance with law 247/2000 Sb. §18 

Lesson for type B license (standart vehicle) Training for type B license (standart vehicle)
Vehicle manipulation 5h Parking lot 2h
Vehicle maintenance 1h Small traffic 5h
Theory and road safety 3h Medium traffic (Stage 1 + Stage 2) 12h + 9h
Medical training basic theory 1h Practical maintenance training 2h
Reviewing the above 1h Practical medical training 4h

Important information for Driving license B:



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How to transport children?


How to deal with car accidents


How to park? Reverse perpendicular parking


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