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How to park - parallel parking in 3 steps

One of the tasks of the web page „Žena v autě.cz“ is to bust the myth that women are bad drivers. It is not true! It is a fact, however, that for many women (as well as men) parallel parking remains a problem. No reason to be worried. In cooperation with Autoškola King  driving school we have prepared 3 pieces of “gold” advice how to park well.


The basic is to keep calm, find a proper place big enough for your car, e.g. 1.5 of the length of your car. Do not forget to switch on a right turn indicator to let other drivers know that you are going to park.

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Preparation of a car for winter 

We will tell you a few hints how to prepare your car for winter:

  • Exchange summer windscreen washer fluid for winter non-freezing fluid – one for -20°C is the best.
  • Coolant should be checked at a car service, and exchanged once in 3 years.
  • If your car does not start well, charge or exchange the battery. An average life span of the battery is about 3 years.

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How to drive with automatic gear

Driving a car is a “multitasking” activity. To do several things at one time is not a problem for us, women, right? To watch traffic, follow the route, watch other cars, steer and concentrate on shifting gear. All that are things that any beginner driver has to cope with, all that at once – at one moment. Therefore for many potential drivers, both men and women, such beginnings may be stressful. For those who are afraid of driving with a manual gear, there is an automatic gear.

Most automatic gear boxes have 4 positions:

P – parking

R – reverse

N – neutral

D – drive

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Advantages and disadvantages of two ways of parking perpendiculary to a curb

Today we will present you differences between parking with a front or back part of a car toward a curb.

Parking with a back part toward a curb

An advantage of this parking is that it is very easy to leave from a parking place: you just get in, start an engine, look around and go. From a car parked this way there is a good view to both sides.

However a small disadvantage is a bit difficult parking – fitting into a parking place (car parks at shopping centers provide small space for maneuver).  

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