VIP + Gold driving courses

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All in agreement with your lecturer: first we check your skills in our training car, which is equipped with a second steering equipment then together we will determine how many times we should drive in it, and then we will continue with the lessons in your car. We will always come to your place and from then on all the drives will be in your own car.

Driving lessons experiences can vary a lot. Hopping on, turning the lights on, checking the mirrors, starting up and just going. Surviving the whole thing stressed out and most of all getting through it. Having a different instructor every week and fearing, if I can make that parallel parking, or if someone will shout at me again... Don’t expect these kinds of experiences with us.

Personal approach, quality, mentoring and humanity. That’s us! This is how our owner, director and instructor all in one sees it – Pavel Greiner.

“When I was founding the KING driving school, I knew, I am not only aiming at founding another driving school, where heaps of students rotate as a running belt. I decided to do what I like, and to do it with love. I am providing the service of highest quality to every student as well as the best instructors, who don’t yell at anybody. Our instructors patiently and clearly explain everything needed, individually and calmly.”

Meanwhile, new clients, who wanted to experience something more arose, we thus decided to launch two brand new courses - VIP and VIP GOLD. What are their benefits? 

VIP course

  • Driving license, group B
  • Hop on and hop off place by your choice (you can get a ride to school, work, or a date)

+ 5 000 CZK (about course prices)


  • Driving license, group B
  • Hop on and hop off place by your choice
  • Schedule of the course by your choice
  • Instructor is an owner personally, devoted to you 100%
  • Priority rides planning guarantee
  • Priority final exam guarantee

Price: 40 000 CZK + 2.000,- for certified translator on exam




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