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Karel VacekKarel Vacek
15:00 19 Sep 23
I would rate the driving school very positively. I had Mr. Vlček as my instructor, who was perhaps a bit more strict at times, but at the same time I learned to drive decently enough with him that I was able to pass the practical test on the first attempt. I had the opportunity to ride with two other instructors during the course and they were also very accommodating and relaxed. The only drawback may be the higher price, but the reward is the pleasant attitude and behavior of the driving school.
Jakub KotrchJakub Kotrch
19:01 14 Sep 23
On 9/12, I successfully completed the final ride with Commissioner Wolf on the first attempt. Instructor Zdeněk Vlček prepared me for most of my driving school, but due to time constraints I had to change instructors. The new instructor was Mr. Ondřej Vraj, who prepared me excellently for the final exams and explained all the last uncertainties. Of course, I would like to thank him very much.Furthermore, I would absolutely recommend Mr. Zdeňko Vlček, the instructor, to everyone. I guarantee that with it you will learn to overcome even the biggest "fear" of novice drivers and become a responsible Driver with a big Ø. Mr. Vlček is a complete professional with experience, he communicates willingly, and he devotes himself consistently to you. From my point of view, he really enjoys the work of an instructor, and offers many useful tips for driving even outside the driving school. With it, you can handle starting uphill, downshifting in a sharp turn, reversing uphill, parking, smooth clutch work and much more. If you really want to learn to drive and really care about your safety and the safety of your fellow passengers in the car, the choice is undoubtedly clear. I thank Mr. Vlček for a very valuable and calm course. I will certainly fondly remember these times sometimes with joy. Phenomenal work! Keep it up! 🙂
Mathieu PlauchutMathieu Plauchut
12:08 12 Sep 23
I had the incredible opportunity to learn how to ride a motorbike under the guidance of Shantanu, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. From the moment I stepped into the training center, I was greeted with enthusiasm and professionalism that set the tone for my entire journey.Shantanu clear (flent English speaker) and concise explanations of riding techniques, combined with his ability to adapt lessons to my progress, were invaluable. He tailored each session to match my skills and gradually pushed me to improve, ensuring that I was always challenged but never overwhelmed.In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend this school to anyone looking to embark on their journey into the world of motorcycling. Their expertise, patience, and passion for teaching make them the perfect choice for riders of all levels.
Petr SoucekPetr Soucek
10:03 07 Sep 23
I can warmly recommend the King driving school. The professional approach of Patrik Zednik, who took me through the motorcycle course, was amazing. Calm approach, no shouting. It was possible to agree on everything and thanks to that I passed the exams on the first try. Also, the theory lessons are conducted in a fun and educational way.
Filip MIkšůFilip MIkšů
19:59 05 Sep 23
I can only recommend the driving school. I completed fitness drives here to restore my driving (in)ability. My lecturer Dan Janeček was extremely nice, calm and empathetic. It cannot be compared to a lecturer from the 1st driving school at the age of 18. Once again, thank you very much for your experience and patience with my rides.
David VinclavDavid Vinclav
16:01 30 Aug 23
Successful completion and all thanks to a teacher named Petr Souček. All thanks go to him and the other teachers for their classes, which were perfect and one learned a lot of important information from them. Congratulations to the owner for a great driving school. I will definitely recommend to friends. Once again, a big THANK YOU.
Jakub TichýJakub Tichý
08:49 25 Aug 23
I can only recommend the driving school, any communication was excellent, and the effort to prepare me for the test was great both from the theory teachers and from my lecturer Patrik. Once again I highly recommend.
candice chettycandice chetty
08:27 25 Aug 23
Radek Blazek my instructor made the VIP Corse I selected due to work obligations well worth every penny spent! Radek speaks perfect English, is patient, calm and focuses on safe driving for yourself and other road uses. He is always on time and have never cancelled any lessons, he was always available for any question during my test drives or after. I passed my theory and road test on the first try and couldn't be more happy choosing this school and having Radek as my instructor. I highly recommend Radek to any expat trying to navigate through learning how to drive in Czceh Republic, my lessons were enjoyable and comfortable. I can now confidently and independently sit behind the wheel and navigate through complex traffic situations. Thank you so much Radek, you are a great instructor. Autoskola King as a school was very well organized and knowledgeable.
Barbora CoufalováBarbora Coufalová
12:19 22 Aug 23
I was such an eternal exerciser, after the accident I was afraid to get behind the wheel. But the King Driving School is great and I have to highly recommend it. The lecturer Dan Janeček was great, we discussed at the beginning why I am afraid to drive and he gradually taught me how to evaluate situations on the road and gave me all the necessary information. Now I'm driving the kids myself and I consider these fitness rides to be the best money spent.Thank you all very much for the kind attitude of running the driving school in this way.
sayato sayatosayato sayato
07:22 30 Jul 23
I went to King Driving School for my motorcycle A license, I just got it and my new bike 🏍️. I was able to do it in English. The whole process was really smooth, they managed everything necessary well and the teacher was really good! Shantanu explained well the technics and was really patient with always a great attitude! The motorcycles were in good condition, I got to try several ones but mostly I used a pretty new Kawasaki z650. I would recommend it for anyone looking to get their license!
Max StoreyMax Storey
15:42 27 Jul 23
This is a very nice school and great for expats. They are organized and help you through the entire process. The administrators and class teachers speak great English and are patient and helpful. However, I must say that the superstar of the school is instructor IVANA who helped me so much through the process, she is very patient and friendly and her English is excellent. With their help I passed theoretical and driving exams on the first try, total time about 2 months for the whole process. I highly recommend this school.
Elena ChiritaElena Chirita
15:42 21 Jul 23
I totally recommend them! Nice teachers who speak English and you can really see they are interested in you to pass your exams. They are really able to give you valuable advice all the way through your lessons.
Georgii EkserdzhianGeorgii Ekserdzhian
18:50 13 Jun 23
The staff is very nice and friendly. The school accommodates foreign drivers who don’t know Czech yet. I did my motorcycle license with this school and was very satisfied. My instructor was Shantanu, highly recommended him to everyone!
Mindaugas DacysMindaugas Dacys
15:47 31 May 23
Great time at the school. Instructor is professional and helpful. No issues. Great to have experience learning on more than one bike. Highly recommended considering what many schools in Czechia lack - some customer oriented service.
14:44 02 May 23
Very convenient overall, top experience!I’m in my 30s and enrolled in the gold VIP package with Petr S assigned as my English speaking instructor. The custom (in my case home) pick up and drop off made the driving lessons easy to fit into a packed calendar!Despite not being behind a wheel in ~15 years, Petr made it so easy to start driving a manual. His teaching style is flexible, attentive, and pairs well with students who are keen to learn and able to focus. Truly professional. Making mistakes while learning is part of the process and I liked that he used them as meaningful learning opportunities rather than “I told you!” matches. Never felt uncomfortable with him. I also appreciated that he continuously gauged my skill level and sought to push me to improve with every lesson. He did not hesitate to push me outside of my comfort zone before I knew I was ready, exploring all the different parts of the city to gain confidence driving anywhere - instead of repeating one neighborhood over and over again.I was a bit nervous before signing up but this journey has exceeded expectations.Petr deserves a raise!
Abigél BartelmessAbigél Bartelmess
09:59 21 Apr 23
I highly recommend this driving school! They were patient and knowledgeable, and helped me feel confident behind the wheel.I don't speak any Czech, and I was generally nervous about driving. I would especially like to thank my instructor Vanda Macibobova, who was absolutely great! Thanks to her I was able to improve and learn quickly, and I passed my test the first time around. They are truly a fantastic team and I couldn't have done it without them. Thank you Autoškola King!
Diana ArhireDiana Arhire
15:46 14 Apr 23
Great experience and I loved the flexibility. Ondrej was a great and helpful teacher, making driving a pleasant experience. Also, all his teachings helped me with the final exams and he was very supportive until the last moment. Also, had the pleasure of interacting with Lukas at the final exam, did not make me feel worried in any way and he was also great and made me feel confident. A great school, highly recommend.
Oeystein KjoersvikOeystein Kjoersvik
17:07 13 Mar 23
King driving school was fantastic, they picked me up and dropped me off at my house for every driving lesson (VIP package) and made the experience very simple.Andrew was a great driving instructor helping me make sense of Czech driving laws and teaching me how to drive in Prague. He also speaks very good English which made our drives pleasant and easy as he was able to explain local driving rules in detail.The school took care of all arrangements and paperwork for me regarding both the practical and the theoretical test.An experience which would have been confusing and difficult became simple with their help.Can’t recommend them enough.
Valeriya TsvetnovaValeriya Tsvetnova
09:53 22 Feb 23
I highly recommend choosing Marketa as a practice instructor, if possible! She is an outstanding instructor and a great person. I was looking forward to our classes and did not have any fear or anxiety about driving. She is very patient and knowledgeable - gave me many practical tips e.g about parallel and reverse parking, that I still use and even taught my friends who were having difficulties with parking.Theory lectures by Petr were quite good as well, offering explanations each time there was a question. I learn better by myself though, so I mostly studied and memorized the material on my own.Overall, I am happy with the school, and can definitely recommend it, especially the instructors I mentioned!
Stanly N SweenaStanly N Sweena
10:21 06 Jan 23
As a non-Czech speaking person, choosing Autoškola King is one of the best decisions I made. Truly a school with a human approach. All the processes were made simple right from enrollment to the final exam. They guide you every step of the way, always available to help. The access to theory classes are very beneficial along with the online resources available. My instructor Vanda is one of the best. Many thanks to her! She made learning much peaceful. It was easy to schedule classes with her and she is very patient, at the same time clearly teach you everything you need to be careful on road. Highly recommend her. Great job Vanda and Team Autoškola King.
Hannah KHannah K
15:52 05 Dec 22
Very professional and great customer service! I definitely reccommend AutoSkola King Driving School, especially my instructor Ivana. She's a great and patient teacher. The school is very supportive and does their best to prepare you for the driving exams.
Izabela DragatiIzabela Dragati
09:31 13 Oct 22
Highly recommended driving school! A bit far from the centre, but totally worth the time and money. Flexible and friendly attitude, well prepared instructors. Best regards to Lukas, who is a very patient and kind instructor, as well as owns a great sense of humour!
Iñaki MalerbaIñaki Malerba
07:48 10 Oct 22
As someone that already knew how to drive, Ondřej thought me all I needed about traffic rules and made me feel very comfortable driving on a new country.The vehicle was small which makes it easier to learn, and in very good conditions.Communication is not always the best, but that's not something that should surprise you after living in Czech Republic for a while 😬 there were no problems to change the appointments in short notice.Recommended for English speakers!