4. 6. 2023

2024 vignette prices and one-day vignette

From 2024 the Czech Republic must comply with the European Eurovignette Directive. According to the draft amendment presented by Minister Kupka, a one-day vignette for CZK 200 will be introduced from March 2024.
Prices of other vignettes:
Annual CZK 2,300
Monthly CZK 430
Ten-day CZK 270
Vignette prices for natural gas, biomethane vehicles – (eco)
Annual CZK 1.150
Monthly CZK 210
Ten-day CZK 130
One-day CZK 100
Vignette prices for hybrid vehicles – emissions up to 50 grams CO2/km (e-hybrid)
Annual CZK 570
Monthly CZK 100
Ten-day CZK 60
One-day CZK 50
Vignette prices for emission-free vehicles (electric or hydrogen) are all for free.