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KING, s.r.o. driving school was established in 2007 in the Prague-west district, teaching groups B and C. After having been in business for a year, we established another branch in the Prague 4 district, and the Prague driving school also began teaching in English. Two years later we were already teaching all driver’s licence groups, we also teach in German and we have gone from having one instructor to eight, including one female instructor.

We are one of few driving schools in Prague and across the country that diligently organises theory lessons at our centres every Monday and Thursday. We also teach a first aid course here, in which a nurse comes to make a presentation so the pupils don’t have to attend courses anywhere else. We state our prices for the driving school all-inclusive with all of the convenience and learning aids so that the pupils don’t have to look for anything or buy anything expensive. When registering at the driving school, every pupil automatically gets a textbook and an educational CD, along with a small gift with our driving school’s logo on it. For lessons in English and German, we have all of the textbooks, tests and graphical materials translated into the given language. Our classrooms have the latest equipment, including computers, so we can organise the tests at our centre all in one day.


Teaching and training

We won’t raise the price at all when you register.Payment at registration can be paid in cash, by card, bank transfer, Benefit points, Flexipassy and the like. The price on the price list of the driving school is the same as the price online and it’s the real price with no hidden costs at any time during the course or after its completion. .

Along with classic driving school courses we also organise training for driving examiners, training for professional drivers (accredited centre for professional driver training), teaching of future driving school teachers, and practical skill improvement lessons. We also offer consulting in the operation of freight transportation and passenger transportation, transport legislation, insurance, and in dealing with accidents, emergencies and safety at work in transportation.

Thanks to the diversity of the vehicle fleet, pupils can choose between a small car and a big car, a petrol or diesel engine, and a car with manual or automatic transmission. Our vehicles have air conditioning for your convenience. All of the vehicles are properly insured against accidents by pupils, us or third parties and their property.

We wish you luck learning and practising to drive at our driving school.  


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