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Learning driving school


Are you looking for a present for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or just for no particular reason? Would you life to surprise someone with “something different”? Then make the most of our offer and give your son or daughter a course at a driving school, or give someone who hasn’t got behind the wheel for a long time practical skill improvement lessons and have fun at the holidays without any pointless worries or stress…how to drive without having any accidents or getting any scratches. Leave it to us and we’ll deal with everything.


Courses, Refreshing lesson

You can choose any kind of course, e.g. motorcycle course, passenger car or others… + the length of the course depending on the group (e.g. passenger car – 3 month course) or if you want a male or female instructor.

If you don’t know what to choose or want help with something else (e.g. Can my son get a group B driver’s licence? What if he’s 17 years old? Can he start earlier or later when he’s got time? How long can he go to the driving school for?) we will gladly help you and give you advice about anything.

After spending a while together we will sort everything out and send a voucher straight back for delivery by post according to the course chosen by you, the price of it and the address given by you. We pay the postage.

Refreshing lessons

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