Energetic Drivability course

For all motorcyclists, new or experienced, for those who know the concept of Motogymkhana and above all for anyone who wants to improve on the motorcycle, we organize courses with Clément Duval, our friend and driving school instructor from France. Whatever level you are now and whatever machine you have (scooter, chopper, enduro, automatic, etc.), motogymkhana will allow you to get more comfortable with your motorcycle to be a safer driver and enjoy riding more. That’s why Clément is coming to us to do course of Energetic Drivability, as he calls it. You’ll see that even at normal speeds you can have a lot of fun on a motorcycle, that you can make sensible turns on a big bike and what the rear brake is really for. The result is a better, safer, and more enjoyable motorcycle ride, as acceleration and technique can combine to create an overload state that feels like you’re flying. Unfortunately, a video or words can’t really transcribe the sensations that are felt when you ride your bike in this way, so the best is to come and test, as a passenger during a demo day. The courses will be in English only.

Date for theory is 20th June 2024 6-8pm. Practice dates are: 21-22 of June or 23-24 of June for two day courses (12 hours of practice) and 21/22/23/24 of June for one day course (7 hours of practice).


What we offer

  • The programme will include preparatory theory (physics and geometry of the motorcycle with a new point of view) and 12 hours of practice in two days
  •  We recommend to participate on your own motorcycle, but if you are interested the driving school machines will be available. This year Clement will also be bringing his own Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle, which he is offering for hire on site for 50 Euros per day.

Energetic Drivability course

To sign up or for questions, please email us or SMS/Whatsapp.
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Driving school King


Two-day course

8 450 CZK

One-day course

4 450 CZK

School motorcycle rental for one day

1 000 CZK

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Driving school King

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