1. 9. 2023

What fines you pay in Germany for vulgar words and gestures towards police officers

Verbal and physical attacks on German police officers are not worth it. You can also get into trouble if your vulgar gesture is photographed by a stationary radar, as the authorities may take it as an insult to the state authorities. Even swearing in Czech or another foreign language will not save you. If a German police officer decides that it is a verbal assault, a penalty may still follow. If you wave your hand in front of the officer’s face during an excited discussion, you will be charged €1,000. And if there is also a physical assault, you could face a prison sentence.
To illustrate, here are a few examples: in Germany, if you raise your middle finger at a police officer, this vulgar gesture is “awarded” €4,000 (almost CZK 100,000). For a simple sticking out of the tongue, you pay €150. A popular tap on the forehead will cost you €750, and if you decide to address a policeman informally using Du instead of Sie, expect to pay €600.
Swearing lick me will set you back €300, you stupid bitch up to €800, you thief €450, idiot will be €750. More expensive are the terms limp dick and shithead, these cost €1,000, as does the group label you’re a bunch of buffoons, while you stupid pig is only €475.
 (Source: lidovky.cz, denik.cz and others)