25. 10. 2023

Seizure of a driving license abroad

🌎 Even abroad, it is possible to lose your driving license, both as part of a ban to drive motor vehicles and as an administrative measure – at the scene of a serious traffic offence. This measure is limited only to the territory of the country concerned, i.e. if you are banned from driving in Germany or Slovakia, for example, you will not lose your driving license in the Czech Republic, as the ban will not actually appear in the Czech register of drivers. In countries where there is also a points system, the local police can make a record for you after verifying your identity, and if there are more offences, you can also be “punished” abroad. In some countries, even after your license has been revoked, you are still allowed to make an emergency drive, but in others you won’t drive a meter.
🇨🇿 If your Czech driving license or driver’s memory card is seized abroad, you must wait until the license or driver’s memory card is sent from that country to the Czech Republic, specifically to the relevant Municipal office of a municipality with extended jurisdiction, where you can then collect the document. It is not possible to apply for a new driving license, as the holder of a driving license may not hold more than one valid driving license.
🙏🏻 It is certainly more convenient to drive according to the regulations both at home and abroad!