23. 4. 2024

New information on online vehicle transfer (change of ownership)

📄 The Department of Transport is expanding digitalization; here is a guide to transferring vehicles.
👤 Use your bank or other identity to log into the Portál dopravy – the system will automatically fill in all known details into the application. If you apply electronically, you’ll pay a 20% lower administration fee. This is now CZK 800 when registering or transferring a vehicle at the offices.
💻 When completing the application, the user can also set up contact details where he wishes to receive notifications about the status of his application. Once the vehicle documents or registration plates are ready to be handed over at the chosen office, the applicant will receive a notification. Then all he has to do is collect the documents and pay the administration fee. If you go there in person, you still need to present all the necessary documents in physical form for inspection at the office.